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Other Mazes to Visit...

As well as visiting a maize maze, if you like getting lost, why not take time out to visit other mazes? Here is a selection of hedge mazes, panel mazes, mirror mazes, path in grass mazes.

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Some Path in Grass mazes

  • Chester Water Tower
  • Higginson Park, Marlow, Buckinghamshire
  • Beazer Garden Maze, Bath
  • Parham Park, Sussex


  • Egeskov Castle Hedge Maze, Denmark
  • Chateau Loucen – 10 mazes in the landscape, Near Prague, Czech Republic
  • Sigurta Gardens, Italy
  • Merkillinen Mailmaa wooden panel maze, Finland
  • Villa Pisani Hedge Maze, near Venice, Italy www.villapisani.beniculturali.i




South Korea

  • Kimnyoung Hedge Maze Cheju Island, South Korea


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